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Ginkgo 250mg&Dong Quai 250mg Vita-W for Women

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Ginkgo Biloba Extract (GBE) which containsthe active ingredients ginkgo flavone glycosides and terpene lactones, are responsible for the anti-oxidant activity and ability to inhibit platelet aggregation(stickness). These two actions may help prevent circulatory diseases such as athero-sclerosis and support the brain and nervous system.GBE is also know to increase circulation to the brain and other parts of the body as well as helping to protect nerve cells. Dong Quai is belived to have a balancing or adaptogenic effect on the female hormonal system. Dong Quai also know as "the female ginseng" is used for abnormal menstruation, suppressed menstrual flow, painful or difficult menstruation and uterine bleeding. It is also useful for hot flushes with perimenopause. The above 2 powerful herbs are incoporated with an essential multi-vitamin 100% EC RDA base.



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